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CharitablePlanning.com automatically saves your calculations so you may refer to them later. To access your calculations, login and go to "Saved", "Saved Calculations" in the menu.


From the Saved Calculations page, you can view all of your calculations. Use the search tool to filter the results and the icons in the table header to sort the results.

To view a specific calculation's results, simply click on the desired calculation.


On the calculation's page, there is an "Edit" link which you can click on to change the modify the calculation. The old calculation will not be preserved, but will be overwritten with your changes.


On the calculation's page, you can remove the calculation by clicking the "Delete" link (and confirming your request). Please keep in mind that the calculation cannot be recovered once deleted.

Save a Copy

Use the "Save a copy" link on the calculation's page to create a copy of the current calculation. You will be prompted with the name of the new calculation and then provided with a link to the newly created item.

Access & Restrictions

Provided you have an active subscription which gives you access to the Calculations, you may create, edit, view or delete your calculations at any time. If your subscription lapses, CharitablePlanning.com will continue to store your saved calculations unless otherwise notified.