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Welcome to the CharitablePlanning.com Help Center. If you cannot find the answers you are looking for, please contact at support@charitableplanning.com.


Provides the answers to frequently asked questions. Topics include Your Account, Payment Methods, Orders and the Library.

Help: Search

Provides tips and tricks to help you search more effectively. Advanced syntax is explained and examples are provided.

Help: Saved

CharitablePlanning.com is a website for researchers. To that purpose, we have provided number of tools, including:

These tools were born out of our own needs as a researchers. Research Folders save us hours worth of work, allowing us to create an outline for a current events speech in a matter of minutes. We use Saved Searches to keep an eye on charitable legislation because bill writers have been known to slip proposed legislation into completely unrelated bills. Saved Calculations allow us to go back and edit previous calculations. We use Starred for quick access to a particular item, or to remind ourselves to read a commentary or document later.

If you have additional ideas for our research tools, we would love to hear them. Please submit your suggestions using our Feedback Form.