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Use research folders to better organize calculations, documents, saved searches, commentary, authors, eMailers, Handbook chapters and glossary terms. You can organize your research folders any way you want: by client, topic, etc. Use whichever method works best for you.

To access your research folders, go to "Saved", "Saved Research Folders" in the menu.

Add an Item

Any item next to which you see a icon can be placed in a folder. When the icon is clicked, a popup will appear with a list of your research folders, with a prompt to add a new folder below. Simply click the checkbox next to any of the folders to which you would like to add the item. You can add the item to as many or as few folders as you would like.


To create a research folder on the Saved Research Folders page, enter the name of the new folder in the textbox labeled "New Folder". Click the "Create" button. The new folder will be added to the list of folders below the form.

Reorder Folders

Simply click on and drag the icon on the Saved Research Folders page to reorder the folders.


On the folder's page, click on the "Delete" link.


On the folder's page, click on the "Rename" link and provide the new name.


On the folder's page, click on the "Print" link. You will be asked to select which information you would like to print. Please do so and then click the "Print" button.

Reorder Items

Simply click on and drag the icon on the folder's page to reorder the folder items.

Delete an Item

On the folder's page, click on the icon next to the item you would like to remove.

Access & Restrictions

Provided you have an active subscription which gives you access to the Research Folders, you may create, edit, view or delete your research folders at any time. If your subscription lapses, CharitablePlanning.com will continue to store your saved research folders unless otherwise notified.