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Headquartered in Indianapolis, Renaissance Administration LLC (Renaissance) is the largest independent charitable gift services provider in North America. Renaissance currently supports nearly $6 billion of charitable planned gift assets under administration and 21,000 gift instruments. Our team has over 680 years of charitable gift experience and is focused on each individual client to provide impeccable service, a commitment to excellence, and continuous innovation. We have been serving institutions, financial professionals, and individual donors for over 27 years.


Creative Planning to Give an Unmarketable Asset

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Contributing closely held stock to a CRT gives the donor an immediate income tax deduction, allows the donor to complete the sale of the gift assets, and eliminates the need for the charity to deal with and negotiate the stock sale.

Funding a CRT with Appreciated Assets from a CLT

Thursday, March 4, 2021

In this case study, donors fund a charitable remainder unitrust with a portion of the remainder they receive from a testamentary charitable lead annuity trust.

DAF Sells Corporate Stock to Donor's Son

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Intra-family transfer of closely held stock through donor advised fund avoids recognition of gain.

Using a CRT to Settle a Divorce

Thursday, February 18, 2021

A taxpayer uses a CRT to provide an income stream to a spouse as part of a divorce settlement, avoids capital gains tax, receives an income tax deduction, and controls the disposition of assets to the charity of his choice.

CRT as the Beneficiary of an IRA

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Naming a CRT as an IRA beneficiary can provide an income stream for heirs, and may be one of the few ways to "stretch" the payout from an IRA over a beneficiary's life expectancy.

CRT Pays to Charity Now and Later

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Donors transfer mutual funds to a CRT, making significant gifts to charity now and later.

Flexible FLIP Unitrust

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Donors contribute "hard-to-sell" real estate to a FLIP Unitrust to avoid capital gain taxes on the sale, obtain a current income tax charitable deduction, minimize income for several years, and retain the flexibility to create a steady stream of income during retirement.

New Life for an Old Insurance Policy (Part II)

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Donors transfer a life insurance policy to a charitable remainder unitrust and avoid income tax on the surrender of the policy. They are also able to obtain a current income tax charitable deduction, increase their retirement cash flow, and create a lasting legacy to support the treatment of brain tumors.

Funding a Section 529 Plan

Thursday, January 14, 2021

By contributing low-yielding appreciated stock to a CRT, donors are able to fund their grandchildren's Section 529 plans, give to charity, avoid capital gains tax, and generate additional retirement income.

Sale of a Corporation Through a CRT

Thursday, January 7, 2021

A flip CRUT accommodates a delayed sale of contributed assets and provides benefits to donors and charity.

Sale of Tangible Personal Property/Retirement Income

Thursday, December 31, 2020

A NIMCRUT allows the donor to contribute valuable antiques to charity.

Making Grants to Foreign Charities

Thursday, December 24, 2020

A private foundation allows donors to contribute to foreign charities.

Making Gifts to a Brother

Thursday, December 17, 2020

This case study illustrates how a donor can use a gift annuity to provide a fixed income stream to a relative for life while at the same time reducing taxes and benefiting charity.

Sale of Farm Equipment

Thursday, December 3, 2020

A CRT defers taxes upon the sale of farm equipment and provides cash flow to donors.

All Cash Merger

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Contributing stock to a Flip Unitrust prior to a merger saves donors immediate capital gain taxes, provides an income tax charitable deduction, and increases future retirement income.

Increasing Lifetime Cash Flow with Annual Contributions to a CRT

Thursday, November 12, 2020

A Flip-CRUT allows the donor to remove the stock from her taxable estate, create an income tax deduction, and increase her future cash flow.

Incentive Stock Options

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Contributing low basis stock from an incentive stock option plan to a charitable remainder trust defers recognition of capital gain.

LLC Owned by a Flip-CRUT

Thursday, October 22, 2020

By transferring highly appreciated stock to a Flip-CRUT, which creates a single member LLC to hold the stock and other investments, taxpayers can control the Flip-CRUT's income flow, defer capital gains tax, and make gifts to charities.

Donor Advised Fund Lets Couple See Charitable Benefits During Lifetime

Thursday, October 15, 2020

This case study illustrates the use of a donor advised fund to enable a donor to "test drive" a substantial gift to multiple charities.

Partnership Distributes Assets to Partners, Who Then Create CRTs

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Donors use a CRT to defer gain on the sale of real estate, obtain an income flow for their joint lives, and benefit charity.

Planning for Gifts of Mortgaged Real Estate

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Contribution of a portion of donor's real estate holding to a DAF creates tax deductions and allows grants to charities over time.

Using an LLC as a Double Discounting Tool with a CLAT

Thursday, September 24, 2020

A gift of LLC units allows the donors to take advantage of valuation discounts while giving to charity and their heirs.

CRT as the Beneficiary of an IRA

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Naming a CRT as an IRA beneficiary can provide an income stream for heirs, reduce estate and income taxes, and make a gift to charity.

Increasing Lifetime Cash Flow with Annual Contributions to a CRT

Thursday, December 24, 2015

A donor gradually contributes appreciated stock to a SCRUT to defer capital gains tax, receive an income tax deduction, remove the stock from her estate, increase her future cash flow, and most importantly make a charitable gift.

CRT as the Beneficiary of an IRA

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Naming a CRT as an IRA beneficiary can benefit a third person and prevent an improvident use of IRA proceeds.